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"...I have been in professional IT for some 17 years and Jon & is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He truly understands the value of long term relationship building and I consider him to be a trusted partner.


Our professional relationship has spanned across my last two roles and Jon's recruitment skills have directly contributed to the success of many projects and initiatives under my control.


He understands my recruitment requirements with a level of detail and commitment simply not mirrored by any of his competitors, which gives him unparalleled ability to deliver the right candidate time and time again..."

The Guys are great. Not just committed to delivery & holding themselves to high standards but are also fun to deal with. If you're looking for a refreshing approach to recruitment, get in touch with them! 

"...Honest, Fun and hardworking.  I've been working with Martin for 9 years across 3 different companies. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else..." 


"...I recently had the pleasure of working with Martin and Jon, who settled me in a fantastic job. I was amazed by the level of service, honesty and friendliness I received from them. Unlike any other recruiter I've dealt with before (and I've dealt with a few), Martin and Jon were true to their every word, keeping their promises and never under-delivering.


It was refreshing to work with recruiters who, rather than just selling a job, actually tried to make sure that the job was what I wanted, that I had all the information I needed, and wasn't pressured into making a decision..."


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"We have used Fernway for a number of key management positions.  Their ability to understand a brief, thoroughly search the market and present relevant, well briefed candidates that fit our culture perfectly, is second to none in the market place..."

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